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Kit Pro Force 101-102 Re Structure MORPHOSIS Framesi
€114.75 -€25.00

Framesi Kit Re-Structure Pro Force - Additive to be mixed directly to the coloring and bleaching products. Protects and strengthens the hair fiber, minimizing the risk of breaking the hair. It gives the color more intensity and shine + Intensive treatment that seals the hair structure, restoring the hydration and the bonds inside the fiber, giving hair shine and a visibly healthy appearance.

Kit Ultimate Care Instant luxury MORPHOSIS Framesi
€196.72 -€116.00

The Kit Morphosis Ultimate Care is the latest revolutionary discovery of the Framesi Team. Three professional hair care products, a supreme cure that transforms the treatment into an instant luxury. The hair will be immediately hydrated, an unprecedented hair care. From the emollient properties of the lotus flower, hyaluronic acid, reconstituting amino acids for an immediately visible result.

Filler Anti-age 6 x (5gr 2A + 20ml 2B) DENSIFY THERMAL Emsibeth
€72.13 -€10.00

A true anti-aging treatment for dull hair. When your hair feels completely dehydrated, dry and therefore lacking in shine you need a specific intensive treatment. This Kit contains 6 ampoules of 2A Serum + 6 ampoules of 2B Thermal Solution which when mixed together (see instructions) form a cream to be applied on the hair to obtain full-bodied and shiny locks.